Advantages of Large Dog Breeds Over Small Dog Breeds

08 Nov

Dogs are kept by man for two reasons namely, comfort and for protection purposes. The choice of a dog is mostly between large dogs and the small breeds of dogs. Small dogs are ideal for keeping only as pets. Large dogs are, however, more versatile and have been used in almost every part of the human engagements. You will find large dogs being used as pets, for security purposes, to guide blind people and in snowy countries, they are used to drag sledges. But are there any other advantages of large dogs over the small ones?

One of the advantages large dog breeds have over the small ones is their temperament. Most small dogs are violent as they are always backing and biting almost everyone that gets in their way. You, therefore, would imagine that larger dogs are more violent and dangerous. Contrary to the thought that the large dog breeds use their size to intimidate, they have a soft spot for people. You will find that these dogs are easy to tame and seldom become violent. A large dog that has been brought up in a home setting or trained as a pet, therefore, makes a way better pet than the small dogs. Know the list of dog commands here!

For large dogs used for security, their size comes as an advantage. Some dogs stand as tall as seventy centimeters and weigh up to over fifty kilos making them a better option of providing security compared to the smaller dogs. A thief or malicious person would not dare get close to such a beast at any cost. In this way, the size of the dog is used in making easy the work of security personnel. Their big stature also allows them to run at high speeds. This is advantageous when it comes to foot chases on criminals. Know about paw yeast infection here!

There is, however, one thing you need to be keen on when handling large breeds of dogs. Ensure you have them checked for cardiac and skeletal diseases from time to time. The two affect big dogs mainly due to their large size. A heart disease may limit how fast your dog can run or the number and type of activities it can engage in. Skeletal disorders such as hip problems also reduce your dog's performance and it is severe in large breeds of dogs. Apart from these diseases, large dog breeds make the best choice for a pet, security or a guide animal. To know more about the advantages of large dog breeds, visit

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